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For those interested in doing a Bible study requiring 3 or more books, please contact us and we will send you the books you need at no charge. Scroll down to see book options.

Brochures for the new believer


How to Be Born Again


How to receive the Baptism with the Holy Spirit


Speaking in Tongues


Water Baptism

Print out these brochures, front and back, for a concise and brief explanation of these four Christian essentials for the new believer or seeker

Books for Bible Study


These life-transforming sermons will take you passage by passage through the entire gospel of John. Our study of the Word of God is not complete until we have answered the question, “How does this particular truth apply to my life?” And the life lessons in this book are designed to help you take that important step. Whether you read through them as a part of your own personal study or use them to prepare to teach others, you’re about to begin a life-changing journey through John’s eyewitness account of Jesus’ ministry.


This commentary on the gospel of John provides a thorough look at every verse the apostle John wrote in his gospel. The book is an in-depth study tool for pastors, missionaries, and believers, young and old.


Back in Jesus' time, people were asking the question: Who is Jesus of Nazareth? And then as now, many answered that question wrongly. They tried to fit Jesus into categories that made sense to them rather than listening carefully to what He said or recognizing the spiritual meaning behind what He did. To put an end to that confusion, the apostle John picked up his pen and wrote his own eyewitness account of Jesus' ministry. In it he reveals the truth, the whold amazing truth, about Jesus, and he does so without trying to explain the unfathomable mysteries. He simply presents the facts as Jesus reveals them and allows us to choose whether or not to believe. $15.99

The Promise of the Father Cover Edits 5B

This paperback version offers a fresh look at what the Bible says about the Baptism with the Holy Spirit and suggests some practical steps for those who wish to receive this gift for themselves. In addition, the reader will also find a passage by passage commentary on First Corinthians 12-14 in which we hear Paul explain how the gifts of the Spirit should function when the church gathers for worship and an inspiring look at our eternal future in which we will be immersed forever in the power of the Holy Spirit. $15.00


Preaching Through Romans is a handheld library of sermons covering all of Romans in 65 messages. It is designed to be used as a companion to the commentary Study Verse by Verse: Romans. A believer’s study of the Word of God is not complete when we simply understand the meaning of a passage. We must ask the question, “How does this truth apply to my life?” This book is designed to help the reader take that step. Whether you read these sermons as a part of your own personal meditation through Romans or use them to help you prepare to preach or teach it to others, they will help you begin a practical journey through Paul’s magnificent letter. $16.99

Romans Vs by Vs Cover.jpg

This is not your average commentary. Along with finding astonishing insight into the Bible, you’ll be surprised at what you don’t read in these pages. You won’t find yourself laboring through difficult theological terms and language. Although the academically-minded will find this verse-by-verse study comprehensive, precise and insightful, the commentary is written as an in-depth study tool for pastors, missionaries and Christians young & old. $15.99

Romans VBV French Front Cover.tif

For all of our French-speaking brothers and sisters, Study Verse by Verse: Romans is available in French!  

Le commentaire que vous tenez entre vos mains n’est pas un commentaire ordinaire. En plus de l’aperçu étonnant de la Bible que vous allez y découvrir, vous serez étonnés de ce que vous ne lirez pas en parcourant ses pages. Fini le tracas d’interprétation d’un langage et d’une terminologie théologique difficiles. Et pourtant, bien que les lecteurs qui ont l’esprit académique trouveront cette étude verset par verset intégrale, précise et pertinente, ce commentaire a été rédigé de façon à devenir un outil d’étude en profondeur pour les pasteurs, missionnaires et les Chrétiens de tout âges. $15.99

Acts cover1.jpg

The book of Acts offers a priceless gift: it pictures the church of Jesus Christ long before tradition, philosophy and politics had sapped its strength. Study Verse by Verse: Acts takes a close look at Luke’s carefully researched record of the early church and explains the context, culture, and events of this powerful book of the Bible. Although the academically-minded will find this verse-by-verse study comprehensive, precise and insightful, the commentary is written as an in-depth study tool for pastors, missionaries and Christians young & old.  $15.99

Dr. Steve Schell's Digital Library

Included on this thumb drive are all of Pastor Steve Schell's sermons, notes, and commentaries on several entire books of the Bible, including Genesis, Exodus, Romans, Acts, the gospel of Luke, the gospel of John, and Revelation. This comprehensive yet diminutive resource will disciple and grow any believer for years and years. $99

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