Come with Pastor Steve into the book of Revelation. Below are the first few sermons in the last book of the Bible. Check back regularly for more sermons, as we will add more each week.

Why Study Revelation?

To say that the end times will be dramatic and dangerous is an understatement. The vision the Lord showed the apostle John is filled with conflict, battles, persecution, deception, judgment, rejection and more. But, as you’ll discover with Pastor Steve’s careful examination through the last book of the New Testament, there is great encouragement for us to persevere and overcome, and these themes are woven through the entire book. As Pastor Steve leads us through the events of the last days, you’ll also witness the immensity of God’s love as He continues to reach out to the lost until the end.

Making Disciples: the Miracle, the Model, the Mandate and the Moment
(June 7-9 Billings Summer Gathering)

The Theology of Camp
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