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Spiritual Formation

Leaders, if you are looking for resources on how to make disciples of the Christians you are shepherding, consider walking them through the Spiritual Formation class! All the class materials, syllabus, extra sermons and a breakdown of classes week to week can be found below. 


The Spiritual Formation class helps a person answer the questions: How has God made me to serve His people? How do I live out my Christian life with integrity? How do I ensure I am fulfilling the call God has on my life? All material is free and downloadable.


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Class 1: Discovering God's Gifts

Class 2:
Developing Godly Character

Class 3:
God's Call

Additional Reading
for Class 2:

A Strategy for Developing the Spiritual Health of the Congregation

Godly Character Class
Video and Audio Sermons

Step 1 
A Changed Heart
Step 4
It's an
Outside Battle
Step 4
Step 4
Step 2
The Real Question
Step 5
Don't Fight
Step 3
The Power of Vision
Step 6
the Leaven
Step 6
Real Repentance
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