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Preaching Practicum
March, 2020

Class notes 
Weeks 1-12

Believing the Bible, Supplemental Article for Class 1

Believing the Bible

The Role of a Preacher &

Transformation Precedes Education

Why Preach Through a Book

?of the Bible

 Types of Sermons

 Forming a Sermon & 

Delivering a Sermon

The Personal Life of the Preacher

The Three Study Questions

Sermon Outline Example 1 for Class 8
Sermon Outline Example 2 for Class 8

The Importance of an Outline Writing an Outline & 

How to Preach Through a Book of the Bible

Extra Notes for Class 9

How to Prepare to Preach through a Book of the Bible

Watching for Sermon Topics
Romans 1:1-17

Watching for Sermon Topics

and Review

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